İngiltere’deki Leeds Hapishanesi’nde LGBT Tarihi Dersleri

Posted on 14 Ağustos 2013


Yaklaşık 1200 mahpusun bulunduğu İngiltere’deki Leeds Hapishanesi’nde Şubat ayı boyunca, mahpusların ve hapishane çalışanlarının katılımıyla, LGBT Tarihi başlığı altında  toplumsal çeşitlilik ve eşitlik üzerine seminerler düzenlendi.

Haberin aslını okuyucularımızla paylaşıyoruz:

Prison in England commended for education regarding LGBT issues

A prison in the English city of Leeds has been given a diversity award for teaching inmates about LGBT history.

Leeds Prison, an all-male facility which holds as many as 1,200 inmates, received the Leaders in Diversity Award from the National Centre for Diversity. During February, LGBT History Month, prisoners were asked to participate and work on several equality and diversity issues.

The UK’s monitoring body for detention facilities, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons (HMIP), lauded Leeds for its inclusive environment for staff and inmates.

“Work on equality and diversity issues as a whole was energetic and committed and the support for some minority groups was excellent,” noted HMIP. Staff training policies regarding LGBT issues were also praised. One inmate who benefited went from holding a homophobic mindset to developing a greater understanding of what it is to be gay.

“I used to beat people up who were gay or bisexual, because that’s what I was bought up to do. We used to call it ‘gay bashing’, we would go around looking for the gays that were in night clubs and all other places,” said one prisoner, according to PinkNews.

“I came to prison [last] July and through me being in here, I went to a meeting and it was about LGBT History Month. It got me interested in knowing the full facts about gay men and women,” he added.

The inmate began to suffer anti-gay abuse himself for taking part in the program. However, he claimed this was a lesson learned.

“It made me stand in a gay man’s shoes. To know how hard it must be to be gay, how much they must go through, how hard it must be to come out and admit they are gay.”

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