In memory of Murat Yurtgül

Posted on 23 Temmuz 2015


özel ihtiyaçları olan mahpuslar / prisoners with special needs

CISST has lost a good friend and colleague during the attack in Suruç

A bomb blew up in Suruç, Turkey, very close to the border with Syria and the Kobanê town of Rojava, just across the border. The explosion presumptively caused by a suicide bomber of ISIS took 32 people’s life and harmed another 100. As we watched the video showing the moment the bomb blew up we asked ourselves: “How could someone watch this, if they knew their own friend, brother, daughter or son was among those who died.” Yet, little did we know that we ourselves would find a friend among those and how much it would hurt. The explosion has also taken the life of our friend and colleague Murat Yurtgül for whom we shall write those words, as well as in memory of all the other victims.

Many in Turkey are in shock and grief over…

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