“Ministry of Justice must give information on LGBTI prison in Turkey!”

Demirbaş from Turkey's Center for Prison Studies (TCPS) has evaluated the LGBTI prison that has been added to agenda of TBMM as well: I hope Ministry of Justice will inform public opinion and civil society. Upon applications for knowledge acquisition have been left unanswered and claims by the prisoners that “LGBTI prison will be opened... Continue Reading →


The Rumours of Opening an LGBTI Prison in March and Our Requests from The Ministry of Justice

21 March 2018 In response to applications based on Right to Information Code and parliamentary questions, it has been expressed many times by the Ministry of Justice that an LGBTI prison is going to be opened soon. The clearest statement was cited in a response to an application on the right to information by a trans prisoner... Continue Reading →

Letters From LGBTI Prisoners

LGBTI-1   Hello, Your letter came in and I was very happy about it, I can’t thank you enough. Also thank you very much for your efforts on the clothes donations. Also I’d be very happy if you thank ****** for me. We did not yet receive the clothes he/she sent yet, we’re waiting for... Continue Reading →

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